Hot-Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Product Specification :

DK.400H 200L X 100W 100 MM 5.6 Kg. 3 Ph. 420V , +/-1V.
DK.600H 350L X 250W 200 MM 5.6 Kg. 3 Ph. 420V , +/-1V.
DK.800H 500L X 300W 250 MM 5.6 Kg. 3 Ph. 420V , +/-1V.

A hot plate plastic welding machine is a type of equipment used for joining and bonding thermoplastic materials together.This welding method involves using a heated metal plate (the "hot plate") to soften the surfaces of the plastic parts to be joined. Once the plastic becomes soft and pliable, the parts are pressed together, and when they cool, they form a strong and durable bond.:

Here's how a hot plate plastic welding machine typically works:

1. Heating: The hot plate is heated to a specific temperature that is suitable for the type of thermoplastic being welded. Different plastics have different melting points.

2. Clamping: The plastic parts to be joined are clamped onto the hot plate to ensure they remain in position during the welding process.

3. Softening: As the plastic parts come into contact with the hot plate, their surfaces are softened or melted. This allows for the plastic to fuse together.

4. Joining: Once the plastic surfaces are soft and malleable, the parts are pressed together to create a strong bond.

5.Cooling: As the joined parts cool, the plastic hardens and solidifies, forming a secure and permanent connection.

Hot plate welding is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and the production of plastic components where strong and reliable welds are required. It's especially useful for thermoplastics that are difficult to weld using other methods.

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